Os modelos são convertidos melhores jogos de aviação é de guerra de simulação
Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX), Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2004), Bandai Namco ACAH

The models are converted best games aviation is of simulation war
Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX) , Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2004) , Bandai Namco ACAH

F-5 Aggressor USAF GTA V

F-5 Aggressor US Navy / USMC 

Thank you to DarthPungz for his excellent model liveries! 

Soon more models .... 

Mod : [Add-on]


- Model FIX 
- Reflection 
- Glass and Crash 
- Texture Good resolution 
- Interior 2D 
- Panel Works 
- Handling FIX 
- Work seat 1 people 

Liveries included: 

- Marines VMFT-401 
- Navy VFC-111 
- Navy VFC-12 
- Navy VFC-111 Red 
- Navy VFC-13 


- LOD 0 
- Glass - Door and Crash 
- Lights in the Fuselage 
- Cabin Interior 2D 
- Panel Works 
- Gear 
- Air Brakes 
- Wheel 
- Flaps 
- FIX model 
- Gun .70 
- Missile Fox 2 

The F-5 was also developed into a dedicated reconnaissance version, the RF-5 Tigereye. The F-5 also served as a starting point for a series of design studies which resulted in the Northrop YF-17 and the F/A-18 navalized fighter aircraft. The Northrop F-20 Tigershark was an advanced variant to succeed the F-5E which was ultimately canceled when export customers did not emerge. 

Please show what you with new models update !!! 
Please show your support by donating. This helps me afford the things I need to continue mod etc. I will improve even more !!!

Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX)


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