Os modelos são convertidos melhores jogos de aviação é de guerra de simulação
Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX), Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2004), Bandai Namco ACAH

The models are converted best games aviation is of simulation war
Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX) , Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2004) , Bandai Namco ACAH

EMB-312 Tucano X-PLANE 10

The Brazilian Flightsim Development Group (BFDG) brings you the new BFDG Embraer 312 AT-27 "Tucano" for X-Plane 10.
The Embraer EMB 312 AT-27 Tucano  is a low-wing tandem-seat single-turboprop basic trainer with counter-insurgency capability developed in Brazil. The Brazilian Air Force sponsored the EMB-312 project at the end of 1978. Design and development work began in 1979 on a low-cost, relatively simple new basic trainer with innovative features which eventually became the international standard for basic training aircraft. The prototype first flew in 1980, and initial production units were delivered in 1983 (Wikipedia)

The BFDG Embraer 312 AT-27 "Tucano" package includes:

  • One high-quality model of the Embraer AT-27 "Tucano"
  • 14 texture packs including: Brazilian Air Force, Fuerza Aerea Venezolana, Colombiana, Argentina, Iranian Air Force, French Air Force (Armé de l'air) Royal Air Force, and private liveries

  • High-resolution textures
  • Nice custom sounds
  • Virtual cockpit and cabin with animated switches, knobs and levers
  • Custom gauges
  • External tanks, gun pods and bombs fully functional
  • Easy to use interface to turn pilots in/out, HUD, GPU, chocks and covers
  • Realistic Flight Characteristics tested by real life pilots
  • Systems and warnings systems modelled
  • Sasl Menu for selection options
  • English manual  - user friendly - checklists

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